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Rose Gold :iconemazingmessedupowsum:EmazingMessedUpOwsum 1 0
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The Girl and the Demon
    Once there was a girl who had a demon.
    Or perhaps, once there was a demon who had a girl.
    Often, the lines of ownership became blurred for the girl, or the demon, depending upon whichever party presently felt in control at any given time.
    The demon lurked deep within her some days, slumbering inside a little black shell next to her heart, or inside the deepest recesses of her mind, or else some place so deep that she could not even pinpoint its location.
    On these days, she was immune to the beast's poison, and so great was her relief from its symptoms that she saw the world as an absolutely breathtaking and beautiful place. People were good. Life was good. And even when people and life were not good, she was still good, and she felt as though anything that was not purely and wholly good, she could make good in her goodness.
    The world bowed to the girl when the demon was away, and she needed nothing more
:iconaart-ish:Aart-ish 36 25
The Girl Who Walked on Water
      Once there was a girl who walked upon the water.
      For years she'd sat upon the lonely deserted sands of the shoreline, gazing unfocused into the sea before her, a great and flat expanse, moving and unmoving, the waves growing tall, reaching their apex, and crashing back down in upon themselves under their own weight, so that even with such great and mighty fluctuations, the eternal ocean itself largely retained its basic shape. A long flat plane stretching out into infinity, its expanse so immense that these mighty waves were as nothing by comparison, and the body as a whole remained intact with its surges.
      Vast. Mighty. Powerful.
      It was hypnotic by its very nature, the complete opposite of all other life, and it mesmerized her. Its message spoke to her in a deep and profound way, it addressed the things that the men and women around her brushed aside, and it didn't always succeed in answering them, but
:iconaart-ish:Aart-ish 32 10
The Girl Who Rose From the Ashes
 Once there was a girl who rose up from the ashes.
 Perhaps the legend of the phoenix would be an apt metaphor, if an incomplete one.
 There is always an assumption that the death of the phoenix, its eruption into flames and its temporary destruction, is what makes its feat of resurrection so astonishing. That once the difficulty of death has been faced, the rekindling of life from the charred remains is inevitable, a fact as simple and fundamental as any.
 But how many creatures do you truly see that make such a recovery?
 How many lives ever truly manage to scramble their way back up from the deepest dredges of lightless existence?
 The rise from desolation is a strenuous and painful one, and the legend of the phoenix is in reality a rare exception to the rule of downcast surrender. An oddity among nature, whose laws dictate that once a being is down, it is down for good, and any attempts at rekindling the flame are stifled by the very principles of life
:iconaart-ish:Aart-ish 23 19
There's a Floppy Disk by strangah There's a Floppy Disk :iconstrangah:strangah 121 87 Experimenting with makeup by floriyon Experimenting with makeup :iconfloriyon:floriyon 256 54 The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Death by KatieAlves The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse - Death :iconkatiealves:KatieAlves 1,157 31
Should have locked the door

Should have locked the door

I was six years old when I moved to the house which would be my home till my adulthood. The image of the house is still well carved upon my memory, it has not yet become a phantom in the fog, hidden within the depths of my brain. It is as clear as the very room where I'm now, writing this as fast as I can before this account disappears with me.
The floor was crooked and broken, filled with dust and sand. The cracked walls rotting away with moisture and in every corner of the living room piles of trash, pyramids of old dusty objects, garbage and dead animals. Creeping beneath our feet in the still intact floorboards, strange insects new to my eyes at that time, some were long and black with many legs, others less long but large with wings and antennae. Most of the furniture didn't existed or it was scattered in pieces all over the house. I remember that it was very bright inside the house because there were no windows, the natural light
:iconvikingwidunder:VikingWidunder 5 9
You will fall in love with a boy who overuses the word ‘fate’ but never the word ‘luck’. When he first locks eyes with you outside a packed bar, where the drinks are over-priced and the silence under-rated, he will worry at his lips in a way that will mean you never notice his eyes, his hair, his anything else. This pair of chapped thin lips will ghost towards you, a flash of ivory enamel, a hint of velvet red gums. You will watch them curve and curl into slightly differentiated shapes, a will o’ wisp of words barely audible over the background hum of your friends, buzzing like wasps, on the other side of the door. And you will smell smoke, and didn’t mother tell you where there’s smoke there’s fire. Only then will you notice the cigarette crumbling between long spider fingers, disintegrating into a fine ashen cloud of overcast-january-sky-grey. But he never moves it to his mouth, leaves it to dissipate in slow spiralling streams. And tho
:iconcomatose-comet:comatose-comet 29 11
DJ-lution: Espeon by PeekingBoo DJ-lution: Espeon :iconpeekingboo:PeekingBoo 1,172 75 flash Valar morghulis tattoo design by redtrujillo flash Valar morghulis tattoo design :iconredtrujillo:redtrujillo 48 14 little lace hands by bailey--elizabeth little lace hands :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 608 0 Zelda Tattoo by Anarchion Zelda Tattoo :iconanarchion:Anarchion 93 47 Howl's Moving Castle by SandraInk Howl's Moving Castle :iconsandraink:SandraInk 6,190 452 New tattoo 1 ! mysterious reflection by grunchy-bobby New tattoo 1 ! mysterious reflection :icongrunchy-bobby:grunchy-bobby 3 0 Vaporeon tattoo by Lyxy Vaporeon tattoo :iconlyxy:Lyxy 16 9 Fallout Vault Boy by SmilinPirateTattoo Fallout Vault Boy :iconsmilinpiratetattoo:SmilinPirateTattoo 5 5



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